Bass amplifier repairs sydney

2020-03-29 15:50

The Bass Centre is like the holy grail of bass in Australia. I would have loved to had spent more time here on my visit from Sydney. So guys, thanks for the bass but moreso thanks for the experience.If Sydney speaker repairs or amp repairs total less than 100. 00 and the parts are already available inhouse, our experienced team fixes the issues. If the repairs cost more than 100. 00, we present clients with personalised quotes and plans. They can then decide how to proceed. Our technicians are fully qualified to handle all potential problems. bass amplifier repairs sydney

I do repairs, setups, upgrades, wiring etc to acoustic, electric and bass guitars, as well as banjos and mandolins, to most makes and models. Attention to detail is my specialty. I offer a fast and reliable service. Most jobs will be completed within 1 week. I work

For guitars amplifiers and effects in Australia shop online with Sydney's premier boutique guitar& instrument store. We sell and repair quality electric guitars, acoustic and classical guitars, banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, guitar amps, guitar accessories and many folk and bluegrass instruments. We offer a full repair service for guitars, amps, keyboards, PA equipment, and drums and percussion. Most repairs are done on the premises by our highly trained and experienced staff. With any repairs we need to outsource we use only Sydney's finest Luthiers, and amp, keyboard, and percussion specialists.bass amplifier repairs sydney Welcome to the Rockdog Amplifier Repairs website. The south coasts ONLY specialty guitar and bass amp and guitar related electronics repair shop! HAWORTH MUSIC CENTRE 120 Durgadin Drive, Albion Park Rail NSW 2527 Open 9. 30am 4. 00pm Monday to Friday Closed weekends Phone: 0428 620 545

Repairs, Retubes& Restorations. We repair Amplifiers: Guitar, Bass, Valve& Solid State, Vintage& Modern, Speakers& PA Equipment. Quality Repairs. Fast turn around. Reliable. We are now agents for Guitar Tuning Services. We ReTube with your favorite tube brands. 120v to 240v Amp Conversions. Full Amp Restorations. bass amplifier repairs sydney Our very first PRS amp repair was brought to us by new customer, Luke Denniss, from Central Coast NSW. This particular model is the Archon 50 in head format. The Archon series of amps follows the tradition of offering a Fender inspired clean channel and a higher gain British voiced channel, footswitchable, plus a valve (tube) driven FX Loop as a bonus inclusion. Dave is a deadset legend in the audio repair world. He fixes amps, instruments, pedals Tube or Solid State you name it! He has his own brand of highend pro audio equipment that has found home in million dollar recording studios from Sydney to New York, so you know he knows his stuff. ROCKDOG AMPLIFIER REPAIRS is located at Albion Park Rail within the Haworth Music Centre complex which is 20 minutes from the Wollongong CBD and offers a wide range of services for musicians. The workshop is fully equipped to repair, service and test all kinds of guitar and bass amps and electronic band equipment. Professional amplifier repairs in Sydney. DONT DESPAIR JUST REPAIR! The Speaker Hospital is Sydneys no. 1 speaker repairer, established in 1981. We offer repair services for all brands and speaker types home HiFi, pro audio and car speakers. We can repair just about any speaker component. If we cant fix it, it cant be fixed.

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