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2020-04-05 23:19

The Seattle Monorail accepts debitcredit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Seattle Center and the Seattle Department of Transportation will work with King County Metro to help the Monorail become an ORCA (One Regional Card for All) affiliate member. Once this process is completed, Seattle Monorail will be able to accept ORCA cards.To buy a monthly pass, customers need an ORCA Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) card. You can exchange your current RRFP for an ORCA RRFP at no charge at one of our Customer Information Offices or: By Mail: (Senior RRFPs only) King County Metro Customer Information Office MS KSCTR0102 201 S. Jackson St Seattle, WA buy metro bus tickets seattle

Jun 15, 2012 Answer 1 of 9: Hi all, i m visiting bellevue and wanted to know if there is any weekly pass for unlimited ride available for the buses, as i might need to use bus often. i knw there is ORCA pass but i do not fully understand it, is it useful? another

How to buy tickets. You can buy as many tickets as youd like. Tickets are the same price as if you were paying with cash. Like cash, you can use your Transit GO Ticket to transfer to and from any Metro bus for up to 2 hours from the time you activate the ticket. Nov 13, 2013  The end of general ticket book sales does not affect Metros humanservices ticket program. Metro operates a Reduced Fare Bus Ticket Program that offers subsidized tickets to more than 60 social service agencies in King County. Employees with those agencies hand out individual tickets to clients. So far in 2013, approximately 75, 000 ticketbuy metro bus tickets seattle Tickets& Tokens. Metro Transit offers many options to fit the way you ride and how you want to pay. Tickets or tokens may be the best option for individuals and groups who are buying singleride fares, going to special events or who do not ride frequently.

Fares and Passes. You can pay your bus fare by cash or with an ORCA fare card. King County Metro Transit tickets and transfers are good on Metro buses only. Community Transit does not accept Metro tickets or transfers. If you use both systems, consider getting an ORCA card. buy metro bus tickets seattle On the Phone Transit Go Ticket. Mobile app for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. Charges tickets to your debit or credit card. Available for Metro bus, Seattle Streetcar, ST Link Light Rail, ST Sounder Rail, King County Water Taxi. The Metro Sales Office Mercantile Center Arcade ALL PASSES AVAILABLE HERE 120 East Fourth Street Mon. Fri. 7: 00 5: 30 Directions Ticket Vending Machines Ticket Vending Machines allow you to purchase 30day Rolling Passes for all zones and Stored Value Cards using Cash or Credit Card, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Free schedules and bus information are also available. You can also purchase bus passes by phone or mail using your Visa or MasterCard, simply call Metros sales office at. Metro Pass and Transfer Policy. Valid transfers are good for rides on the Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar. May 07, 2018  The complexity in Greater Seattles Transit system can intimidate visitors. In other cities, the rail system is a comprehensive and comprehensible means of getting around. In Seattle, you must use buses if you wish to get out into the neighborhoods, including major tourist attractions. Get

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